Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Not an idea that I care to share or a picture of something that is progressed further unless you count the photos I used for my Christmas Card project.

This was the card I did for my Sherlock Seattle Card Exchange. I have done the Halloween one for a couple of years. This was my first Holiday card exchange. I got back some great cards in return.

 photo c078fdb8-0111-4587-864d-7739c27d44c9_zps49gimxld.jpg
(For the VI: This is my John Watson puppet on the right and my Sherlock Holmes puppet on the left both wearing Santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

For my friends and family (OK most of the family I will be sending the others out in the next day or so) I did this card
 photo B0F8F17E-A711-45B0-9528-F215A2E7DB4B_zpsdr3emvn4.jpg
(For the VI: This is my movie version Doctor Strange puppet on right and the movie version of Baron Mordo on the left wearing santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

Since then I have cut a couple of puppets and other things out but having sewed nada.

Of course we did have some upheaval in the David household with Peter being in the hospital and all but things have pretty much gone back to normal.

I am a little frustrated with myself right now but I will be OK in the long run.

Here’s to getting a couple of projects done this week.

I am grateful for this blog so I can really check up on my progress and keep myself honest.


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