Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Well at least this year all teams going into the Super Bowl mess have winning records. The only game that was really for all the marbles was the Packers/Lions game as to which would be a wild card and which would be the divisional winner. Have some interesting teams in the mix so the games will be worth watching.

My theme for me this year is ‘get it done’ as in get all these past projects that are looming over me done so I can start thinking about new projects that I am already thinking about. Last night going over the list, I discovered two that I had totally forgotten about until I went over the list.

Part of ‘get it done’ is staying off the Internet or rather staying off the time sinks that I tend to get sucked into. Yesterday was not my best day at that. I got interested in a topic and went down that rabbithole with lead to me looking back at some other things I had bookmarked and so on. I plan to do better today.

I declare today to be a pick-up day as in I am going to pick up the house and get it back in order to be able to go onto project #1 without having to deal with digging through a mess to find something.

Today is Caroline’s last day of winter break. It was very short this year due to the holidays it is built around both being on a Sunday. She has been working hard on her homework and other things that she needed to work on. She got a short break to go see her sisters in Florida. And now she is gearing up for the next part of school.

Let’s see what the day brings because I have consumed my coffee and am ready to roll.

I am grateful that Caroline worked on her homework all during the break not just today.


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