Jan. 1st, 2017

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And happy birthday to middle step-daughter Gwen who is celebrating it with her husband and 4 month old baby boy down in Jacksonville with other members of her family.

We had a very quiet night at home last night. Caroline and I played a couple of games of Exploding Kittens and Uno. Peter worked on some writing projects. We watched Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve and toasted the New Year with sparkling apple cider. Right now we can use peaceful for a bit.

Today is going to be mostly home-based. I have one errand to run but other than that we have agreed to spend the time with each other here.

My resolution as stated yesterday boils down to get things done. Get all the projects already on my plate off before embarking on the next set of creative endeavors. And I have a rather long list that needs to be taken care of including a couple that have been on my plate for more than a year.

I also do plan to make it a year of being creative rather than a year of talking about being creative. Doesn’t mean I will stop doing Crafty Tuesday but I hope to have more substance to show than last year.

I also am going to try not to go down the rabbit hole that the Internet has become. I feel like I spend entirely too much time researching things that I find interesting and not enough using the knowledge that I have gained. Let’s see how long that one lasts.

I am also going to try to keep the house in better order especially when I am in the middle of a project and the fabric is flying everywhere. Dishes must be done in a timely fashion. Cat boxes scooped. And other things to keep hearth and home looking at least neat.

So there it is, my personal plan for the year.

Happy New Year Y’all

I am grateful for friends who have my back.


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