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The story of the Roman Ninth legion is much more popular in the UK than the US. I knew about it but I studied that part of history when I was in college with some really good teachers. The basics are that the 9th is the lost legion. No one is really sure what happened but they are pretty sure whatever it was, it happened in Scotland. There has been some other evidence that says that they went from Scotland to the Netherlands but that is sketchy and has nothing to do with the episode.

The Doctor brings Bill to where the ninth vanished because she claims that she knows more than he does about the ninth and they are testing their theories by coming to the time and place were it happened.

This episode was written by Rona Muro who wrote the last episode of classic Who (Survival) and she has gotten better over time. Not a perfect episode but really solid with some clever call backs to the classic series.

I enjoyed it and again it felt like a drop any Doctor in here slot. Nothing that really makes it a Twelve episode until you get to the end.

Solid acting and the monster was pretty much a monster wanting nothing more than most monsters want.

Bill continues to impress me both as a companion and Pearl Mackie’s performance is splendid. Nardol was more commentary than companion until the end but I think you can give Matt Lucas just about anything and he will find a way to make it work.

The crows ‘speaking’ was very clever. I liked that they said various things during the episode and the reason they say Caw is that they are really saying Kar and honoring the Picts and Romans who jumped into the void to fight the beast for all eternity. I had to see it a second time to catch the ‘Bad Wolf” crow.

The monster drove the episode and it was nice to have one that had no redeeming qualities. It was an alien monster that was doing harm. It was a problem to be solved.

Bill figuring out how she could understand the Roman was brilliant writing and very well played by Ms. Mackie. She worked it out from the evidence given to her. The Doctor looked very proud that she did. His clever student indeed. Bill has grown under his tutelage proving that class has nothing to do with brain power.

I find it funny that Bill’s sexual preference is being mentioned and no one flipping cares within the episode. Everyone accepts and moves on.

Missy as the TARDIS repair person was interesting. I wonder if the TARDIS told the Doctor to do this. Nardol is not happy because the Doctor is stretching/ breaking his vow and that will have consequences and rather nasty ones apparently. Nardol is working as his conscious and reminding him of his duty. I think Nardol’s first name is Jiminy.

It was fun indeed but next week is the beginning of the end for 12 and I will miss him.
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