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This is Mark Gatiss’ latest foray into the Doctor Who universe and he got to play with the characters he wanted with the Ice Warriors.

I enjoyed this one. It was one and done with a little tag at the end which has fandom holding its collective breath.

So Bill gets to have an adventure with the Doctor reminiscent to me of those that Jo had with Three and Sarah Jane with Four. There is an absurd historical element, an alien species element, and a Doctor saves the Day element.

A bit by the numbers but fun all the same.

That the Empress wanted Bill’s opinion on the situation since she was the only female in the room, was both funny and made sense considering what is being set up for the Ice Warriors.

Over all it was a good solid Doctor Who episode that you could have put just about any Doctor into and it would have worked.

Gatiss knew he had to get the TARDIS out of there because it was the easy solution to the problem. So Nardol gets kidnapped and is out of the episode allowing Bill and the Doctor deal with the problem at hand. I am wondering if the TARDIS had a hand in getting Missy out of the vault.

The last scene where Missy asks the Doctor if he is all right is close to bone chilling. Something is very wrong and she can see it even if he is ignoring it.

Loved the Empress herself. I liked that she was written that she could be reasoned with and had her sense of honor and set of rules for what is honorable and not honorable. It was well thought out and consistent. That Friday came to the Doctor when he saw that things were going wrong was a nice touch.

The Victorian soldiers were pretty much as they have been depicted previously. That they had soldiers of different skin tones is not out of place in Victorian society so I buy that. The casting has been pretty color blind but it has been commented on (this episode, Oxygen and Thin Ice) thus creating an ‘agenda’ according to some.

Not a perfect episode but one of Gatiss’ better one I think and it will hold over time.

Next the missing Legion and Scotland.
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