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It is one thing to ‘know’ you aren’t sleeping well and another to KNOW you are not sleeping well. Since I got a Fitbit, I have been able to track my sleep pattern and correlate that with how I feel when I get up. Last night I didn’t get any deep sleep so this morning my brain feels foggy and bits and pieces of my body ache. I also have found that I tend to get 5 to 6 hours a night rather than 8.

I also can keep track of my heart rate, amount of exercise, and several other things that tell me if I am moving or being a total blob that day.

I haven’t even tried the food and water part of the equation. That’s for next week.

I am feeling tired and cranky which is not optimal since I have a lot to do today.

The bathroom renovation is going. Due to circumstances, it is taking longer than expected but the previous contractor managed to destroy most of everything under the title and in the walls so it had to be gutted and worked back from the ground up. Right now we have the walls up and most of the floor back in. Today they are finishing the tile and then grouting the whole thing. This after we had a major set back with a pipe breaking and water pouring into the closet that is not a closet right now due to mold abatement. It did, however have some boxes in it so that had to be dealt with very quickly. With the exception of some movie posters, we are good.

While they are doing that, the dumpster is being exchanged for a new one and I am continuing my project to get the basement back into shape which is going to take more time that I would like but I am going a little slower and not cutting any corners so this can be done correctly and Peter can have his office back which he hasn’t had since the stroke.

I should go to the gym today and maybe this afternoon I will. But I really need to work while we have the dumpster. I am thinking this afternoon is looking better for what I need to do but we will see.

Part of this depends on the weather.

Peter is having to do some research for work that is having him revisit some stuff he hadn’t encountered since it first appeared. Bring back memories for me too. More on that after it is announced.

So today is going to be tackling what I can of the basement which will go faster after we get the dumpsters swapped out supposedly this morning. But I still have stuff I can do before they get here. Garage is for the weekend between the rain showers. Sunday is Father’s Day and we have several plans in place depending on the weather and our energy levels.

I am grateful for what sleep I do get.
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