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It has been spring-like this week and I am fine with that. It has been so crisp that a light jacket or hoodie has been needed in the early morning or evening. I am enjoy it now because I know that soon enough we are going to be in the heat.

Yesterday I got my mother’s day present installed. After our storm door disintegrated on us during a Nor’eastern, we knew we had to replace it. It protects the front door and allows us to have air circulating without having to worry about the cats escaping. Now we have a shiny new storm door that latches perfectly and is tightly sealed so that the bugs can’t get in.

We needed to renovate our bathroom so we got a contractor and started the job only to find that we had a lot more damage to the room that we knew due to the previous contractor who cut so many corners and left us with so many potential disasters, I am surprised we made it this far without a serious issue. So that went to 3X the cost of the first estimate.

Peter has set up his patreon account. You can find it here. Feel free to join and pass it around. This is the account we created so we wouldn’t have to deal with tax issues any more.

We were informed that we needed to be at the student awards ceremony since Caroline will be receiving an award or two this evening. So proud of her. We know she is in the top 1% of her class in grade point average.

I am going to be, for the first time in a while, wearing a costume at conventions. I have most of it put together with the critical pieces already here or in the mail. It all started when I decided to get my hair cut and go back to whatever my natural color was at this point. It was sunny so I was wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses on my walk home and I happen to look in a window on my way home and saw that it would be very easy for me to dress up as the current Doctor in Dr. Who. We have taken to calling this hair cut ‘the accidental Capaldi’. I have the shoes, coat, sunglasses, and ring in hand. Sonic is on its way thanks to a friend. I think I have the shirt and pants in my closet and I am hoping that they fit. I know if nothing else I have the hoodie and black t-shirt that will work.

Part of the hoping to fit on the pants is that I have been able to hit the gym with regularity and am getting results that I want. I have upped my gym time by another day and am getting my routine in along with other exercises to keep my body guessing. So far nothing pulled but that good muscle ache that tells you that you have really worked out. According to folks who don’t see me that often, I have slimmed down waist and beefed up my arms, which is what I wanted to do. Also going to the gym helps my mental state a lot. Now I have to work on getting my food back into the excellent category rather than the OK range. More fruit less processed foods. Less salt and sugar. I know what I need to do. I just have to do it.

Today I am using the dumpster we had to rent to get rid of the interior of the bathroom to get rid of stuff that has been piling up in the garage that we have needed to dump for some time. Big o’ clean up to get us in a better place for the rest of the year. That and the last of the laundry are my big plans for the day.

I am grateful for Caroline’s achievements.


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