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Caroline and I have been talking about her using my sewing machine for a while now.

She has been hand sewing for a while and made some really cute stuffed animals for her friends and cousins. But that is rather time consuming and she couldn't do some of her projects which needed a machine stitch.

Sunday she sat down and with a little coaching, she put together her first project. She made a pouch to put the pieces of her baby blanket.

A little more practice and she will be able to make anything that she wants. She is already planning out about half a dozen costumes and some school clothes she wants to make.

I am so proud of her.

Caroline conquers the sewing machine

 photo 86B210D1-D6B4-4E2F-9661-7799E94F77DD_zpspoot5p3j.jpg
(For the VI: This is Caroline sitting at my sewing machine with purple cloth feeding it through. Her brown hair is back and she is wearing a brown shirt.)

The Finished Product
 photo 75D60863-5EF3-4DF9-8052-30CF37543471_zpsnepmpefc.jpg
(For the VI: Caroline holding up the rectangular purple bag.)

I am grateful for Caroline’s boundless creative energy.
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