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I have friends who write fanfiction. Some are professionals who have had some of their works published as part of a myriad of licensed properties. Some are those who have written things that have been published but they do this on the side more for fun and as a writing exercise. Others only write fanfiction and put it out there for the amusement of others.

Recently I was chatting with a couple of people online about something or other and a question came up for one of our group if they were going to be updating this fanfiction that they had been writing for the past year or so and putting up in pieces as they wrote it.

“No,” they said, “I am walking away from it and probably never putting anything out there on the net again.”

“Why?!?!?” we asked.

“You are such a good writer!” we said.

“We were enjoying it!”

“You got to continue! It was such cliff hanger!”

Then I said, “What happened?”

And that’s when it all came out.

The fanfic they were writing had a very well warned for elements of mental illness. They were writing this to help them deal with a family member who had committed suicide a while back. They were letting the characters speak for all the questions that they had about why this happened and how could they have missed it and all the other thoughts and fears that come to mind when someone you love decided to check-out.

Someone on Tumblr took issue with something in the story and decided that they had to stop my friend from writing this story because my friend does not suffer from the mental illness that they were writing about. The person who started the campaign against this particular fanfic claims to have that form of mental illness (which was later proved to be an Internet diagnoses and they very well may suffer from it but they have never sought medical assistance for a real diagnosis and some help which they seriously need but I digress).

This person, who is sort of a big deal within the fandom that this was based on, claimed that because they were suffering from said disorder then they should be the judge of who can and cannot write on the subject. I found out later that they had done this sort of thing before claiming that they were part of a minority that was under represented in a fandom, which was disproved by some other people.

But what had happened was that my friend, after politely saying that they would take into consideration the concerns of this person but they were still going to write about the subject, was savagely attacked by this person’s….well friends is too loose a term…minions is closer…minions not only on their fanfiction platform but they went to other social media points and started bashing my friend there as well. This had apparently been going on for a while and it finally wore my friend down and they declared themselves done with the story and the fandom entirely.

Not all bullies are evident. They don’t all wear black hats that say bully on them so you can avoid them. And the Internet has made this even worse.

Suppression of speech even for ‘good reasons’ is still suppression.

People seem to forget that they might be able to say what they want to say, but others have as much right to respond to what is said. Shouting people down to the point where they shut up because they are tired of the noise is not a ‘win’.

I swear that somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to listen. Once we hear something that we don’t like, we just stop and react to the part that we don’t like rather than the whole message or thought.

Between the Social Justice Warriors and the Alt-Reich, the signal to noise ratio is garbled at best right now.

And fans can be the worst at this. The number of people that were willing to communicate with fandom only to drop it like a hot rock when fandom shows how bad it can be.

I think the trend that is bothering me is this new thing that authors can’t write A because they are not A nor have they ever been A. Well I have never been an elf but I can write a story about an elf because I have an imagination and I have empathy for things, situations, and people that I am not.

My friend is going to finish the story but their audience for it is going to be their friends, which is a shame because it is such a good story. I know there are others who have inquired about it and them because they have seen what has been happening within the fandom but they are never going to know how the story ends because of a vocal few that have decided to be the arbiters of what people can and cannot write.

And that is a sad state of affairs indeed.

I am grateful that my friend is going to finish the story and let me read it.
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This whole thing really started on Wednesday. Peter was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on Thursday around noon to work on Young Justice the animated series. Tuesday was when the predictions went from snow to serious snow, On Wednesday Peter tried to check in for his flight only to find out that it was cancelled because of the storm that hadn’t even arrived yet. I took him to the airport and he got himself probably the last seat on a plane going out to LA. This was a very good thing considering what happened next.

Wednesday evening we received a phone call, an e-mail and a text informing us that school was cancelled for Thursday as a precaution.

Thursday morning I woke up to a sleet covered driveway with snow starting to fall. By 10:00 AM we couldn’t see across the street due to the amount of snow and the wind blowing it around. We had a couple of hours of snow totals going from an inch to 3 inches an hour. When all was said and done, we had 14 inches of snowfall on our street. With the wind, we had some serious drifts as well.

Friday was all about digging out and getting our walkway village compliant. This was a case of really good neighbors giving a helping hand. Our neighbor across the street took care of the really nasty part at the end of the driveway where the plows had been pushing the snow the whole day. Our next door neighbor brought over his snow plow and cleared the rest of the driveway so that the car could get out if needed. Caroline and I tackled the walk and the steps up to the house. I salted the icy spots as there was about a ¼ to ½ inch of ice under the snow.

I haven’t taken off the car cover we have on the van yet but will do so today since we have to pick Peter up from the airport tomorrow morning early.

I am glad that the local schools decided to play it safe because there was no way to get anywhere after about 10 AM on Thursday. I am also glad that she didn’t have school Friday because everyone needed a day to dig out. By Monday, because of the warmer weather, most of the snow should be gone and she can get to school safely.

I am hoping that this storm was the big one for the season but I am not holding my breath.

I am grateful for helpful neighbors.
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I can remember where I first saw Richard Hatch, it was on TV in Battlestar Galatica. I can’t remember when I first met him in person other than it was some convention in Atlanta that I was working. We were introduced and talked about theater for most of the rest of the evening both regional and Broadway.

Over the years and many conventions we went from nodding acquaintances to convention buddies to friends.

Richard got in touch with me after he heard about Peter’s stroke. He was concerned for him. I remember how happy he was to see Peter walking around at San Diego Comic Con. Peter sat down and the two of them talked about the stroke and health and all kinds of things between Richard signing autographs for fans. Richard admired Peter’s writing ability a lot.

DragonCon is not going to be the same. I would see Richard both in the walk of fame and just wandering around the convention after hours talking to fans and having a good time. He was a permanent fixture to that convention so there is going to be one heck of a Richard sized hole there this year.

He was great with fans. Always had time for them. He was a champion for Battlestar Galatica for many years. He enjoyed his time on the new series a lot.

He died due to complications from cancer surrounded by his family and friends.

My sympathies to everyone who lives were touched by this man. He will be missed.

I am grateful for the time I did get to spend with Richard.
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I have this lovely pink fur that would make a lovely monster of some sort. I have bodies ready to be turned into something magnificent. I have more ideas than I can count of things I can make.

And I know that I am blessed that I can make puppets that amuse people. I have made some good friends over my puppets. I met Peter because of my puppets. They have opened doors to some wonderful adventures.

In less than two weeks we will be at Farpoint and I will be playing around with my puppets. I know I will amuse some people. Others will avoid me because puppets freak them out.

I want to have a few new pieces for Farpoint, which will be the beginnings of the puppets for DragonCon. I have a couple of puppets that I need to get done for some other projects.

Now it is a matter of finding motivation that is not sheer panic.

I have writing to do as well and I am very behind on that.

Kind of down on myself and I recognize that and plan to do better than I have been.

I have been feeling ill. If it is allergies then it is a new version of it. Also the insomnia is getting in the way of being able to function as a normal person. Last night was not a good night. I seem to go good night/bad night right now. I am glad that it is that way because I don’t want to think how I would be if this went on for days.

I am grateful for the sleep I did get.
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I have a little less than two weeks before Farpoint. I have some bodies that I can turn into whatever. Now I have to make it from thinking to doing.

Doing something is pretty much always harder than thinking about something. I tend to mull a project in my head until I have my plan of attack then execute the plan.

I also do better if I have all my materials at hand so I can do it in an order that makes sense to me.

This week is about building things and making art while keeping an account of how I am using my time.

Then I will re-assess what I am doing and not doing and plan forward from there for DragonCon.

This, of course, has to be slotted around the things that need to be done to keep chaos at bay.

I am grateful for skills that motivate me to get things done.
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I’m still writing 2016 on things. Usually by this point my brain has switched years but not this year.

Yesterday was not a great day for getting things done around the house. Peter and I had some errands to run so that was most of the day with the latter half being driving people to their various activities and then picking them up. Today I will do better. I did get all the laundry where it needs to be.

I belong to a mental health list that had all kinds of articles and tips about dealing with various things. They also have a challenge for the month. For February it is happiness, which can be hard when stressed. Some of the tips are useful and others are not. One thing that they suggest is to write down each day something that makes you happy and place it in a jar so at the end of the month you have 28 happy thoughts that you have had that month. Another thing they are stressing is self-care that I have talk about before as not being selfish but self-preservation.

There are times that I forget to take care of myself in the manner because of all the things going on and everyone who needs my help. But eventually I realize that I am not doing them any good because I am so run down so I take my ‘me’ time and regroup.

I have come to the conclusion that I like certain forms of stationary too much especially little/compact notebooks. I have so many of them with only a couple of pages written it. Now there are some that have served me well over time including my personal journal. I am going to get back to that because I think I need to brain dump some stuff that I really can’t put out here or on a computer where it can be found. So I am going to pick a journal and try to write at least something in it each day for the next month.

I have to clear my head somehow or my brain is going to melt.

I am looking forward to the release of the Doctor Strange DVD. It is nice to have things to look forward to. Back in the day that’s how I got from day to day by focusing on that which I was excited about. Now I have a husband and a family that keep me focused on the now.

I know this is random but it says it in the title of this essay.

Talking about mental health and trying to get rid of the stigma of mental illness is something that I believe in. I think that people are scared to admit that they have a problem for fear that it is going to label them for life and people will look at them differently. It’s not and if it does, well were they worth knowing? Everyone has problems. Everyone has down days. Many struggle to get from one day to another. And ‘just cheer up’ or ‘you have so much to be happy about’ doesn’t cut it. Not all scars can be seen.

I have done something to my right shoulder that is rather painful. Makes picking things up an adventure. I am doing the usual things that help me make it through the day and, in some cases, just sucking it up and doing what I need to do. This has happened before so I know what is going on and in a day or so it will be fine.

So a little self care and some housework is my plan today.

I am grateful for friends who understand.
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I haven’t been exactly secret that recently sleep has been elusive for me. Until recently any stay up was because I wanted to not because I couldn’t fall asleep. Insomnia was an occasional problem not a regular one. I seem to be falling into a pattern of two nights of bad sleep or next to no sleep and then one good night and then it starts over. It is rather stressful in its own right.

I have been reading up on the subject only to find that women have more trouble falling and staying asleep then men and it only gets worse when we get older. Great, something else to look forward to.

We say that getting old certainly beats the alternative and I agree whole heartedly. But there are times I wish I could go back and tell my younger self the consequences of what I was doing to my body at the time, or not doing depending, would be severe.

So this maybe the lack of sleep talking or I am just in a bad patch right now and given the time of year it could very well be a revisit of SAD because it has been rather gloomy the past month with very little sunshine.

Motivation has been necessity more than anything else. But at least I am getting things done. I have been writing down what I am doing in a day just to prove to myself that I am getting things done. Like yesterday, I got the kitchen cleaned up, the laundry done, and unpacked from our weekend in Connecticut. Today I plan to clean up the living room and get rid of the recycling that is picked up today and get those clean clothes into the rooms rather than in the basement. I also have some packages to pack up and some letters to mail. Let’s see how much can get done today.

I am trying not to think about Farpoint in about two weeks but I am going to have to. I have some puppets I want to finish for that. I might make another Capaldi Doctor puppet.

Inky and Fig are sticking near me today. I have Fig at my hip and Inky has her head on my shoulder as she is on the couch cushion behind my head. I know she is asleep even though I am typing because she is drooling slightly which she has always done. I am going to have a damp spot on my shirt when she moves her head. But it is comforting.

I have a new book I am reading that came back into print “A Study in Celluloid” by Michael Cox who was one of the producers on the Granada Sherlock Holmes. It is about the making of the series and a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. Parts of it are painful to read because of what happened later but I am learning a lot about the making of the show.

The NFL season ends this weekend with the Superbowl. I grew up in Atlanta and watched the Falcons when they were one of the worst teams in the league. I took a friend, who had never been to a football game, to see the Colts vs. Falcons game where the Colts were a game away from having the worst recorded ever in the NFL. The Falcons were a hot mess at the time and the Colts won the game breaking their very long losing streak short of being the worst ever. They just tied for the worst. So I am cheering for the Falcons, which has previously been a bad thing for the previous teams I have declared I am cheering for but I cannot cheer for the Pats. Sorry, that team irks me in so many ways.

Baseball will be starting soon. Or rather the pre-season where every team has a chance at winning it all. Since the Cubbies went all the way, there are no teams that are cursed anymore according to baseball lore.

I consider Farpoint the beginning of our convention season. We tend to keep December and January free from conventions although this year was a little different.

I am grateful for anything that gets done right now.
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Each done pretty much in record time considering. Gives me hope for some other projects being done in time for Farpoint.

I went to the Women’s march in New York City on January 21, 2017 and marched with some friends and made some new friends during the march.

Now a number of months ago on Samantha Bee’s show, she had David Tennant read the tweets from the Scottish about Trump congratulating Scotland on voting for Bretix which they had done the exact opposite. The phrase you touped f**ktrumpet stuck in my head.

So I created the Donald Trumppet. The hairpiece is a second puppet on top of his head like it is an alien controlling his brain.

I lucked into the fur for the hairpiece. I could not believe my good fortune and it was on super sale too.
 photo E85910D6-0235-44E6-A284-7BF49FE4416F_zps6heros1w.jpg
(for the VI: On the left is orange fleece and on the right is a white/orange/unknown color of fun fur)

Got the body done in a day or rather half a day
 photo 1C05C14F-48C5-4C99-AC6F-37184FA4192A_zpsyesmv2ok.jpg
(This is an orange skinned puppet with black eyes sitting on top of one of my notions boxes)

Got the hair puppet and suit done in a day
 photo FDB647F3-772B-4845-9595-C1BDEC88707F_zpsorab30db.jpg
(for the VI: Same orange skinned puppet with a hair piece puppet on top. He is wearing a white shirt, red tie, and ill blue suit.)

And took him to the march
 photo 24EA3E4C-073F-4B9E-A62A-7D131C807703_zpsweiczijb.jpg
Photo credit and copyright Michele Serchuk all rights reserved
(for the VI: This is the Drumppet and me at the march. I am wearing a Rally to Restore Sanity hat, blue hoodie and a black t-shirt that reads “keep calm and puppet on”)

A lot of pictures were taken and the puppet was mentioned in several articles which means it made an impact.

The second puppet was for our friend James who is leaving his role as the Genie in Aladdin, the role he won a Tony for, and going to take over in Hamilton for Seth Stewart (Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson). This was another two day puppet.

Face shot of the puppet before I made the costume
 photo B6330669-76D1-43BF-A6CC-920E46AD0364_zpsavamzmln.jpg
(For the VI: This is the puppets face, his eyes are brown, his van dyke and eyebrows are black felt)

The costume took some doing but I got it to a point that I like
 photo 98ECFFA5-354B-4B3F-A92A-CE4ACA65EFEC_zpsg1ghc9vu.jpg
(for the VI: This is the completed puppet. He is wearing a blue tunic with gold accents and trim, gold arm and wrist bands, and a gold collar)

The completed puppet
 photo 344F6321-30D3-47E6-9331-9CFB0B34777C_zpswguz3vmo.jpg

Next I am going to get a few puppets done for Farpoint. Let’s see how that goes.

I am grateful that I have the skills to do these sorts of puppets in a very short time.

I Marched

Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:08 am
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Yesterday I marched in the New York City Women’s march with over 400,000 other people. It was amazing but only the start to what we need to do to help our country.

I went with some friends who introduced me to their friend and we managed to stick together and walk our way most of the way to Trump tower.

I am hoping that what we did yesterday will be like the stone dropped into a calm pond and that the ripples continue to move us forward.

I built a puppet for the occasion. I called it a Trumppet and it amused people as we walked.

I met a lot of people on this march. There were a lot of pictures taken of the puppet. I got a lot of compliments, freaked a few people out (sorry for that), and the puppet got hit with a cane once and punched once.

I am glad that I went. I went for my daughter and my step-daughters. I went for those who could not. I went for those who cannot speak for themselves. I went to prove that what happened in the last election is not normal and we can never start thinking of it as normal.

My back locked up and I had to bail. By the time I got home I was in agony. This morning I am dealing with shooting pains down one leg and my back is not happy with me. My arms are on fire. But I am not at all sorry about going and pushing myself to my limits.

I do have photos but I am having trouble getting my photobucket to cooperate with me. Hope to have this sort out by Tuesday.

I would like to compliment the volunteers and the NYPD for all their hard work to make this march happen and keep it peaceful and relatively organized. The police took the time to give people information if asked and posed with parade goers. They went to extra mile to make sure that we felt safe.

I am grateful for everyone I met yesterday and everyone who marched all over the world.
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Warning for frank talk about depression so I am putting it behind a cut

Dark_Days )
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Yesterday afternoon we watched at snow fell from the sky. It was not in the forecast but apparently a system moved in a direction they were not expecting and we got about an inch to an inch and a half that mostly melted on contact with the warmer ground. This morning I had to get the ice off the windshield but most of the snow just swept off. The only area where we had to be careful was anywhere that the sun hadn’t hit because that was a sheet of black ice.

Most of yesterday was not how we expected the day to go. Caroline woke up feeling under the weather so we stuck to the house for the day and I got a number of projects done around here that have needed doing. I am happy that I got the cat boxes done before the snow started as are the cats. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner from scratch. As it simmered, the smell permeated through the house and it felt very comfortable and homey.

This morning we got up and Caroline was feeling like herself again so we went to the gym to exercise which we had planned to do so yesterday but cancelled after it was apparent what Caroline needed. I was in the locker room when I heard a very young voice say, “Can I see the picture on your arm?” It was a little girl who was looking at the bottom of the tattoo. I pulled up my sleeve and showed it to her. She declared it very pretty and told me that her uncle had a bunch of pictures on his arms but mine was much nicer. Her mother came around the corner and apologized but I told her no worries. The mom then said that my tattoo was much nice than what her brother had.

It is January, which means that a lot of people are having a go at the gym. Makes things much more crowded and it can be harder to get the routine done but it is nice to see so many trying to do something to better their lives. I showed one lady how a machine works and how to get the full range of motion on it. Caroline got her cardio machine when she wanted it with no problem. I helped another lady out because I could get the machine to lock higher so she could do her exercise correctly. She was kind enough to let me finish my sets on the machine. It was nice seeing honest give and take and no machine hogging.

Falcons and Pats made it through to the next round. Both were pretty brutal games.

Today my goal is to finish the laundry and get the soup pot clean. Anything else is gravy.

I am grateful for Caroline’s crafty skills.
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Peter made it to his connection in Dallas to get to Albuquerque but his luggage stayed in Dallas until the next flight and then seemed to vanish out of every system known to man. I told him that if it was possible to go to the airport because there was no direct phone number for him to call at the airport to get the baggage claim folks for American Airlines. He did and low and behold, there was his bag still waiting to be picked up by the delivery service which was suppose to have delivered it to his hotel last night. Happy that he got the bag back, not to happy with how it ‘vanished’ from the system for a while.

This morning Caroline woke up early and her throat was given her problems which is how my current cold started. She, however, is running a slight fever. I came into the living room and she was stretched out on the couch almost asleep. She started awake as I entered and said that she was fine but tired. I covered her with two of our throws and she fell asleep in short order. I think that is the best thing for her right now. She was worried because we had plans for the day that she was excited about and she thought I would be disappointed that we weren’t getting all things done in order. I told her that her health came before all the things we wanted/needed to do and I have enough going on in the house as it is that I could work on while she rests which is what she needs to do. Caroline’s cat Fig is tucked up next to her taking a nap too.

I finally, partially through the help of pharmaceuticals, got a mostly decent night’s sleep so I am feeling much more clear headed than I have in a while but the cough is still persisting. It is amazing how much a good night’s sleep can help. Here’s to having a second one this evening.

I have been doing a ‘watch along’ with some other Granada Sherlock Holmes fans where we watch an episode of the series and then discuss it on line. Last week was the The Second Stain and this week was The Man with the Twisted Lip. For me these were two examples of the series at its best. They stuck close to the original work that the episodes were based on and did not elaborate much on the stories. That whole season was really good.

Yes, I have been watching Sherlock. Yes, I agree that they are kicking us pretty hard and managed to get some stuff past us that is becoming central to the season. Yes, I am, apparently, a rare bird for wanting to see the next episode entitled The Final Problem which may be the final episode or they might find the time in their busy schedules to do another set. It all depends on the schedule. Whatever happens, I know I will be entertained.

Speaking of good detective drama, I picked up the Ian Carmichael Lord Peter Whimsey complete series at the library tag sale for a song (OK 5 bucks but still complete unopened set) and watching my way through them. Still rings solid for me. I prefer Mr. Carmichael’s performance over Mr. Petherbridge’s but that might be because I saw Mr. Carmichael’s first.

Today is all about cleaning up around the house and getting things back in order from three weeks of minimal picking up and the like due to illness and the like.

This year the village went back to take both paper and plastic on the same day which will make my life so much easier since paper tends to stack up around here.

Looking at the NFL playoffs, I am hoping that certain teams who are not favored are able to take out some of the favored teams with the exception of the Falcons who I hope win it all but not holding my breath because Falcons.

When does baseball start?

It is nice to feel like life is getting back on a more even keel than it has been for about the past month. Let’s hope that the trend continues.

I am grateful for anything I get done today that moves us forward.
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Sort of an update here. Peter is still doing better every day. We had a bit of a slide last week but got it sorted out before anything went chronic. He has stated more than once that he has never been so happy to be able to just stand up. Balance is still a slight issue but he is working on that. He feels well enough to attend the New Mexico convention that he agreed to do.

I think I am getting better. I also think I would be doing a whole lot better if I could get a solid night’s sleep. I was up until about 4 this morning before really falling asleep and even then I was waking up briefly about every half hour until 8 when I got up. So I am tired but functional. I do feel better than I did yesterday or the day before. I don’t feel like curling up into a little ball. I might actually get some things done today which must be done since Peter is off on a plane Friday.

Caroline has recovered from her allergy attack from being down in Florida. She is working hard at school and trying her best. She is auditioning for the school play this week and has show choir practice for their performance next month. She is also still taking flute lessons and has robot practice as well. She is a busy person.

So we all seem to either have recovered or are recovering from our various ailments and the like. I hope we continue to do so.

I am grateful for good health.
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In the TV series Steven Universe, Steven goes to visit some aliens that are on his planet that he knows and they show him what they are up to. They have taken various things that they found on the farm where they are hiding and created sculptures. When Steven compliments them on their art, one alien says, “huh, it that what you call it? I called it Meep Morp.” Caroline and I looked at each and laughed so hard. Since then we say to each other, I am going to create Meep Morp.

I have a couple of weeks before Farpoint to create new work to display. So there’s my goal. A few new puppets for the Art Show which will start me on the year on better footing for DragonCon.

First and second, however, are two puppets that have been on the table for a while and need to get finished. Both have some deadlines coming up soon.

Then there are a couple of ideas I want to try because I think they would be cool.

Caroline has her own slate of Meep Morp she wants to do. Some of it before Farpoint and some of it afterwards.

Of course housework and family needs come before meep morp.

I am grateful for all the meep morp I have created over the years.
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This morning has been a series of things that I have dropped. Nothing breakable but I have been spending a lot of time picking things up from where I dropped them. Typing has been a nightmare because my fingers spasm and hit the wrong keys then autocorrect comes up with some really interesting substitutions for the words it thinks I might be trying to type.

This makes me very frustrated which feeds back into the stress and it becomes a loop that makes my hands shake more.

Part of it is that it is so bloody cold outside that I am shivering which just adds to the shakes. I swear right now I probably look like I have serious case of the DTs.

So a warm hoodie helps. The super warm socks that my parents got me. I am debating about my fingerless gloves. Either way I think once I am warmed up a bit things will calm down.

Except the fricking cough that has been plaguing me for the past week. Funny though I was looking through past entries over the years and found that I seem to have this same thing about this time every year. At least this year I haven’t been coughing so hard I can’t keep food down and I have a decongestant that works for the most part.

So grumpy Kath is grumpy. I feel like curling up into a little ball until I feel better but that’s not in the cards today since I did that basically most of last week when not dealing with things that had to be done right now. So meds then going to try to get some stuff done that needs to be done and some stuff that should be done.

I am grateful for anything I don’t drop today.
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Considering all the things I have had going on this week, a cold was not what I needed in any way shape or form but apparently the fates had other ideas so now my teeth hurt from sinus pressure and my chest is sore from coughing.

This doesn’t feel like allergies so I am going with I picked something up in the past week that has now taken residence in my lungs.

Not the best week for this to happen but nor is it the worse week either.

Also I am a really bad sick person. I don’t like it and tend to be rather short tempered and angry while I am sick. Angry at myself for getting sick mostly.

I will muddle through the day with what I have to do and give myself permission to blow off that which it might be nice to get done but not necessary for house and home to continue. And a nap, a really nice nap but I will see what the cough will and won’t allow.

Peter is still dealing with getting out of the hospital. We were told that he might be tired for a time and his stamina might not be the best and to give him time to recover. He’s about as good a sick person as I am. So he is rather frustrated right now with the pace of his recovery. I remind him that he is recovering and there is progress even if it is miniscule.

Caroline apparently had allergies and not a cold. After taking her allergy medication on time and consistently, her sinuses cleared right up and it never affected her chest. Apparently something in Florida didn’t agree with her.

I am grateful for that which allows me to sleep.
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Not an idea that I care to share or a picture of something that is progressed further unless you count the photos I used for my Christmas Card project.

This was the card I did for my Sherlock Seattle Card Exchange. I have done the Halloween one for a couple of years. This was my first Holiday card exchange. I got back some great cards in return.

 photo c078fdb8-0111-4587-864d-7739c27d44c9_zps49gimxld.jpg
(For the VI: This is my John Watson puppet on the right and my Sherlock Holmes puppet on the left both wearing Santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

For my friends and family (OK most of the family I will be sending the others out in the next day or so) I did this card
 photo B0F8F17E-A711-45B0-9528-F215A2E7DB4B_zpsdr3emvn4.jpg
(For the VI: This is my movie version Doctor Strange puppet on right and the movie version of Baron Mordo on the left wearing santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

Since then I have cut a couple of puppets and other things out but having sewed nada.

Of course we did have some upheaval in the David household with Peter being in the hospital and all but things have pretty much gone back to normal.

I am a little frustrated with myself right now but I will be OK in the long run.

Here’s to getting a couple of projects done this week.

I am grateful for this blog so I can really check up on my progress and keep myself honest.
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Well at least this year all teams going into the Super Bowl mess have winning records. The only game that was really for all the marbles was the Packers/Lions game as to which would be a wild card and which would be the divisional winner. Have some interesting teams in the mix so the games will be worth watching.

My theme for me this year is ‘get it done’ as in get all these past projects that are looming over me done so I can start thinking about new projects that I am already thinking about. Last night going over the list, I discovered two that I had totally forgotten about until I went over the list.

Part of ‘get it done’ is staying off the Internet or rather staying off the time sinks that I tend to get sucked into. Yesterday was not my best day at that. I got interested in a topic and went down that rabbithole with lead to me looking back at some other things I had bookmarked and so on. I plan to do better today.

I declare today to be a pick-up day as in I am going to pick up the house and get it back in order to be able to go onto project #1 without having to deal with digging through a mess to find something.

Today is Caroline’s last day of winter break. It was very short this year due to the holidays it is built around both being on a Sunday. She has been working hard on her homework and other things that she needed to work on. She got a short break to go see her sisters in Florida. And now she is gearing up for the next part of school.

Let’s see what the day brings because I have consumed my coffee and am ready to roll.

I am grateful that Caroline worked on her homework all during the break not just today.
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And happy birthday to middle step-daughter Gwen who is celebrating it with her husband and 4 month old baby boy down in Jacksonville with other members of her family.

We had a very quiet night at home last night. Caroline and I played a couple of games of Exploding Kittens and Uno. Peter worked on some writing projects. We watched Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve and toasted the New Year with sparkling apple cider. Right now we can use peaceful for a bit.

Today is going to be mostly home-based. I have one errand to run but other than that we have agreed to spend the time with each other here.

My resolution as stated yesterday boils down to get things done. Get all the projects already on my plate off before embarking on the next set of creative endeavors. And I have a rather long list that needs to be taken care of including a couple that have been on my plate for more than a year.

I also do plan to make it a year of being creative rather than a year of talking about being creative. Doesn’t mean I will stop doing Crafty Tuesday but I hope to have more substance to show than last year.

I also am going to try not to go down the rabbit hole that the Internet has become. I feel like I spend entirely too much time researching things that I find interesting and not enough using the knowledge that I have gained. Let’s see how long that one lasts.

I am also going to try to keep the house in better order especially when I am in the middle of a project and the fabric is flying everywhere. Dishes must be done in a timely fashion. Cat boxes scooped. And other things to keep hearth and home looking at least neat.

So there it is, my personal plan for the year.

Happy New Year Y’all

I am grateful for friends who have my back.
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Ok, this is the last day of 2016 and the final meeting of that year of Kath’s Brain. So let’s settle down and figure out what we are going to do next year….Yes?

I thought there was going to be cake.

No, just coffee. It’s too early for cake.

OK, how about donuts?

We don’t have donuts just coffee.


NO BAGELS! No toast, no muffins, no baked goods of any kind.

OK, ok you don’t have to be such a grouch about it.

As I was saying, we need to figure out this next year so let’s start with suggestions from the floor. You.

Can we just take a year off? Ya know take a year long nap or something?

No we cannot.

Oooo! Ooo! I know let’s start a very big project that is really cool and has lots of small parts to make and then spend just enough time planning it that we have to rush to get the thing done.

We did that last year and the year before. I would like to propose we do something new this year.

Web site?

OK can we drop the web site idea? It’s been on the list for about 20 years now.

But people keep asking us if we have a website.

* sigh * OK website is moving from the 2016 list to the 2017 list along with making new business cards. Next.

Finish the novel or finished any novel or short story, just finish a writing project.

That one is at the top of the list for 2017 and we are well on our way to getting that one done.

A cheer is heard through out the skull.

What about the gym? We still going to exercise?

Yes, and, like last year, it is a priority since that has really become our ‘me’ time and it makes us feel better. And before anyone asks, we will just deal with everyone who is trying to make their lives better too. Just have to sort of the schedule and know that in a month’s time, there will be fewer people or we will be back to the regulars.

We gonna try to write an entry a day this year? We got pretty far with it last year.

No, I am going to take that one off the table. We will write in our blog when we have something to say but will continue Crafty Tuesday because it has become its own thing.

OOOOooooo let’s go watch the new trailer for Sherlock.

NO! We are going to try to spend less time noodling around the internet this year and more time working on various projects.

How do you put that as a resolution?

I think she did. But I still wanna see the Sherlock trailer.

No trailers! The first episode will be on tomorrow night.


OK, calm down. Remember what happened last time.

OK….(quietly in the background) eeeeeee.

So Puppets this year, what shall we do?

Finished last year’s projects first comes to mind.

OK, after that?

There is no after that. Do you know how many puppets we have parts for but no finished product?

Um, a few?

I am figuring about a years worth of work so let’s do that before going onto other things.

OK….but that’s boring! Let’s come up with 20 new projects to try to do!

NO! Get things done is the theme for 2017. Got it?

You don’t have to be so grouchy about it.

So are we in agreement? Finish previous projects including writing projects, less time wasted on the Internet, continue the Gym thing, Website and business cards.



Well what if….never mind. I’ll bring that up at the next meeting.

We are adjourned.

Are we sure there is no cake?

I am grateful for my brain’s random ways of sorting itself out.


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