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Warning for frank talk about depression so I am putting it behind a cut

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Yesterday afternoon we watched at snow fell from the sky. It was not in the forecast but apparently a system moved in a direction they were not expecting and we got about an inch to an inch and a half that mostly melted on contact with the warmer ground. This morning I had to get the ice off the windshield but most of the snow just swept off. The only area where we had to be careful was anywhere that the sun hadn’t hit because that was a sheet of black ice.

Most of yesterday was not how we expected the day to go. Caroline woke up feeling under the weather so we stuck to the house for the day and I got a number of projects done around here that have needed doing. I am happy that I got the cat boxes done before the snow started as are the cats. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner from scratch. As it simmered, the smell permeated through the house and it felt very comfortable and homey.

This morning we got up and Caroline was feeling like herself again so we went to the gym to exercise which we had planned to do so yesterday but cancelled after it was apparent what Caroline needed. I was in the locker room when I heard a very young voice say, “Can I see the picture on your arm?” It was a little girl who was looking at the bottom of the tattoo. I pulled up my sleeve and showed it to her. She declared it very pretty and told me that her uncle had a bunch of pictures on his arms but mine was much nicer. Her mother came around the corner and apologized but I told her no worries. The mom then said that my tattoo was much nice than what her brother had.

It is January, which means that a lot of people are having a go at the gym. Makes things much more crowded and it can be harder to get the routine done but it is nice to see so many trying to do something to better their lives. I showed one lady how a machine works and how to get the full range of motion on it. Caroline got her cardio machine when she wanted it with no problem. I helped another lady out because I could get the machine to lock higher so she could do her exercise correctly. She was kind enough to let me finish my sets on the machine. It was nice seeing honest give and take and no machine hogging.

Falcons and Pats made it through to the next round. Both were pretty brutal games.

Today my goal is to finish the laundry and get the soup pot clean. Anything else is gravy.

I am grateful for Caroline’s crafty skills.
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Peter made it to his connection in Dallas to get to Albuquerque but his luggage stayed in Dallas until the next flight and then seemed to vanish out of every system known to man. I told him that if it was possible to go to the airport because there was no direct phone number for him to call at the airport to get the baggage claim folks for American Airlines. He did and low and behold, there was his bag still waiting to be picked up by the delivery service which was suppose to have delivered it to his hotel last night. Happy that he got the bag back, not to happy with how it ‘vanished’ from the system for a while.

This morning Caroline woke up early and her throat was given her problems which is how my current cold started. She, however, is running a slight fever. I came into the living room and she was stretched out on the couch almost asleep. She started awake as I entered and said that she was fine but tired. I covered her with two of our throws and she fell asleep in short order. I think that is the best thing for her right now. She was worried because we had plans for the day that she was excited about and she thought I would be disappointed that we weren’t getting all things done in order. I told her that her health came before all the things we wanted/needed to do and I have enough going on in the house as it is that I could work on while she rests which is what she needs to do. Caroline’s cat Fig is tucked up next to her taking a nap too.

I finally, partially through the help of pharmaceuticals, got a mostly decent night’s sleep so I am feeling much more clear headed than I have in a while but the cough is still persisting. It is amazing how much a good night’s sleep can help. Here’s to having a second one this evening.

I have been doing a ‘watch along’ with some other Granada Sherlock Holmes fans where we watch an episode of the series and then discuss it on line. Last week was the The Second Stain and this week was The Man with the Twisted Lip. For me these were two examples of the series at its best. They stuck close to the original work that the episodes were based on and did not elaborate much on the stories. That whole season was really good.

Yes, I have been watching Sherlock. Yes, I agree that they are kicking us pretty hard and managed to get some stuff past us that is becoming central to the season. Yes, I am, apparently, a rare bird for wanting to see the next episode entitled The Final Problem which may be the final episode or they might find the time in their busy schedules to do another set. It all depends on the schedule. Whatever happens, I know I will be entertained.

Speaking of good detective drama, I picked up the Ian Carmichael Lord Peter Whimsey complete series at the library tag sale for a song (OK 5 bucks but still complete unopened set) and watching my way through them. Still rings solid for me. I prefer Mr. Carmichael’s performance over Mr. Petherbridge’s but that might be because I saw Mr. Carmichael’s first.

Today is all about cleaning up around the house and getting things back in order from three weeks of minimal picking up and the like due to illness and the like.

This year the village went back to take both paper and plastic on the same day which will make my life so much easier since paper tends to stack up around here.

Looking at the NFL playoffs, I am hoping that certain teams who are not favored are able to take out some of the favored teams with the exception of the Falcons who I hope win it all but not holding my breath because Falcons.

When does baseball start?

It is nice to feel like life is getting back on a more even keel than it has been for about the past month. Let’s hope that the trend continues.

I am grateful for anything I get done today that moves us forward.
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Sort of an update here. Peter is still doing better every day. We had a bit of a slide last week but got it sorted out before anything went chronic. He has stated more than once that he has never been so happy to be able to just stand up. Balance is still a slight issue but he is working on that. He feels well enough to attend the New Mexico convention that he agreed to do.

I think I am getting better. I also think I would be doing a whole lot better if I could get a solid night’s sleep. I was up until about 4 this morning before really falling asleep and even then I was waking up briefly about every half hour until 8 when I got up. So I am tired but functional. I do feel better than I did yesterday or the day before. I don’t feel like curling up into a little ball. I might actually get some things done today which must be done since Peter is off on a plane Friday.

Caroline has recovered from her allergy attack from being down in Florida. She is working hard at school and trying her best. She is auditioning for the school play this week and has show choir practice for their performance next month. She is also still taking flute lessons and has robot practice as well. She is a busy person.

So we all seem to either have recovered or are recovering from our various ailments and the like. I hope we continue to do so.

I am grateful for good health.
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In the TV series Steven Universe, Steven goes to visit some aliens that are on his planet that he knows and they show him what they are up to. They have taken various things that they found on the farm where they are hiding and created sculptures. When Steven compliments them on their art, one alien says, “huh, it that what you call it? I called it Meep Morp.” Caroline and I looked at each and laughed so hard. Since then we say to each other, I am going to create Meep Morp.

I have a couple of weeks before Farpoint to create new work to display. So there’s my goal. A few new puppets for the Art Show which will start me on the year on better footing for DragonCon.

First and second, however, are two puppets that have been on the table for a while and need to get finished. Both have some deadlines coming up soon.

Then there are a couple of ideas I want to try because I think they would be cool.

Caroline has her own slate of Meep Morp she wants to do. Some of it before Farpoint and some of it afterwards.

Of course housework and family needs come before meep morp.

I am grateful for all the meep morp I have created over the years.
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This morning has been a series of things that I have dropped. Nothing breakable but I have been spending a lot of time picking things up from where I dropped them. Typing has been a nightmare because my fingers spasm and hit the wrong keys then autocorrect comes up with some really interesting substitutions for the words it thinks I might be trying to type.

This makes me very frustrated which feeds back into the stress and it becomes a loop that makes my hands shake more.

Part of it is that it is so bloody cold outside that I am shivering which just adds to the shakes. I swear right now I probably look like I have serious case of the DTs.

So a warm hoodie helps. The super warm socks that my parents got me. I am debating about my fingerless gloves. Either way I think once I am warmed up a bit things will calm down.

Except the fricking cough that has been plaguing me for the past week. Funny though I was looking through past entries over the years and found that I seem to have this same thing about this time every year. At least this year I haven’t been coughing so hard I can’t keep food down and I have a decongestant that works for the most part.

So grumpy Kath is grumpy. I feel like curling up into a little ball until I feel better but that’s not in the cards today since I did that basically most of last week when not dealing with things that had to be done right now. So meds then going to try to get some stuff done that needs to be done and some stuff that should be done.

I am grateful for anything I don’t drop today.
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Considering all the things I have had going on this week, a cold was not what I needed in any way shape or form but apparently the fates had other ideas so now my teeth hurt from sinus pressure and my chest is sore from coughing.

This doesn’t feel like allergies so I am going with I picked something up in the past week that has now taken residence in my lungs.

Not the best week for this to happen but nor is it the worse week either.

Also I am a really bad sick person. I don’t like it and tend to be rather short tempered and angry while I am sick. Angry at myself for getting sick mostly.

I will muddle through the day with what I have to do and give myself permission to blow off that which it might be nice to get done but not necessary for house and home to continue. And a nap, a really nice nap but I will see what the cough will and won’t allow.

Peter is still dealing with getting out of the hospital. We were told that he might be tired for a time and his stamina might not be the best and to give him time to recover. He’s about as good a sick person as I am. So he is rather frustrated right now with the pace of his recovery. I remind him that he is recovering and there is progress even if it is miniscule.

Caroline apparently had allergies and not a cold. After taking her allergy medication on time and consistently, her sinuses cleared right up and it never affected her chest. Apparently something in Florida didn’t agree with her.

I am grateful for that which allows me to sleep.
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Not an idea that I care to share or a picture of something that is progressed further unless you count the photos I used for my Christmas Card project.

This was the card I did for my Sherlock Seattle Card Exchange. I have done the Halloween one for a couple of years. This was my first Holiday card exchange. I got back some great cards in return.

 photo c078fdb8-0111-4587-864d-7739c27d44c9_zps49gimxld.jpg
(For the VI: This is my John Watson puppet on the right and my Sherlock Holmes puppet on the left both wearing Santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

For my friends and family (OK most of the family I will be sending the others out in the next day or so) I did this card
 photo B0F8F17E-A711-45B0-9528-F215A2E7DB4B_zpsdr3emvn4.jpg
(For the VI: This is my movie version Doctor Strange puppet on right and the movie version of Baron Mordo on the left wearing santa hats and wrapped in fairy lights)

Since then I have cut a couple of puppets and other things out but having sewed nada.

Of course we did have some upheaval in the David household with Peter being in the hospital and all but things have pretty much gone back to normal.

I am a little frustrated with myself right now but I will be OK in the long run.

Here’s to getting a couple of projects done this week.

I am grateful for this blog so I can really check up on my progress and keep myself honest.
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Well at least this year all teams going into the Super Bowl mess have winning records. The only game that was really for all the marbles was the Packers/Lions game as to which would be a wild card and which would be the divisional winner. Have some interesting teams in the mix so the games will be worth watching.

My theme for me this year is ‘get it done’ as in get all these past projects that are looming over me done so I can start thinking about new projects that I am already thinking about. Last night going over the list, I discovered two that I had totally forgotten about until I went over the list.

Part of ‘get it done’ is staying off the Internet or rather staying off the time sinks that I tend to get sucked into. Yesterday was not my best day at that. I got interested in a topic and went down that rabbithole with lead to me looking back at some other things I had bookmarked and so on. I plan to do better today.

I declare today to be a pick-up day as in I am going to pick up the house and get it back in order to be able to go onto project #1 without having to deal with digging through a mess to find something.

Today is Caroline’s last day of winter break. It was very short this year due to the holidays it is built around both being on a Sunday. She has been working hard on her homework and other things that she needed to work on. She got a short break to go see her sisters in Florida. And now she is gearing up for the next part of school.

Let’s see what the day brings because I have consumed my coffee and am ready to roll.

I am grateful that Caroline worked on her homework all during the break not just today.
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And happy birthday to middle step-daughter Gwen who is celebrating it with her husband and 4 month old baby boy down in Jacksonville with other members of her family.

We had a very quiet night at home last night. Caroline and I played a couple of games of Exploding Kittens and Uno. Peter worked on some writing projects. We watched Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve and toasted the New Year with sparkling apple cider. Right now we can use peaceful for a bit.

Today is going to be mostly home-based. I have one errand to run but other than that we have agreed to spend the time with each other here.

My resolution as stated yesterday boils down to get things done. Get all the projects already on my plate off before embarking on the next set of creative endeavors. And I have a rather long list that needs to be taken care of including a couple that have been on my plate for more than a year.

I also do plan to make it a year of being creative rather than a year of talking about being creative. Doesn’t mean I will stop doing Crafty Tuesday but I hope to have more substance to show than last year.

I also am going to try not to go down the rabbit hole that the Internet has become. I feel like I spend entirely too much time researching things that I find interesting and not enough using the knowledge that I have gained. Let’s see how long that one lasts.

I am also going to try to keep the house in better order especially when I am in the middle of a project and the fabric is flying everywhere. Dishes must be done in a timely fashion. Cat boxes scooped. And other things to keep hearth and home looking at least neat.

So there it is, my personal plan for the year.

Happy New Year Y’all

I am grateful for friends who have my back.
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Ok, this is the last day of 2016 and the final meeting of that year of Kath’s Brain. So let’s settle down and figure out what we are going to do next year….Yes?

I thought there was going to be cake.

No, just coffee. It’s too early for cake.

OK, how about donuts?

We don’t have donuts just coffee.


NO BAGELS! No toast, no muffins, no baked goods of any kind.

OK, ok you don’t have to be such a grouch about it.

As I was saying, we need to figure out this next year so let’s start with suggestions from the floor. You.

Can we just take a year off? Ya know take a year long nap or something?

No we cannot.

Oooo! Ooo! I know let’s start a very big project that is really cool and has lots of small parts to make and then spend just enough time planning it that we have to rush to get the thing done.

We did that last year and the year before. I would like to propose we do something new this year.

Web site?

OK can we drop the web site idea? It’s been on the list for about 20 years now.

But people keep asking us if we have a website.

* sigh * OK website is moving from the 2016 list to the 2017 list along with making new business cards. Next.

Finish the novel or finished any novel or short story, just finish a writing project.

That one is at the top of the list for 2017 and we are well on our way to getting that one done.

A cheer is heard through out the skull.

What about the gym? We still going to exercise?

Yes, and, like last year, it is a priority since that has really become our ‘me’ time and it makes us feel better. And before anyone asks, we will just deal with everyone who is trying to make their lives better too. Just have to sort of the schedule and know that in a month’s time, there will be fewer people or we will be back to the regulars.

We gonna try to write an entry a day this year? We got pretty far with it last year.

No, I am going to take that one off the table. We will write in our blog when we have something to say but will continue Crafty Tuesday because it has become its own thing.

OOOOooooo let’s go watch the new trailer for Sherlock.

NO! We are going to try to spend less time noodling around the internet this year and more time working on various projects.

How do you put that as a resolution?

I think she did. But I still wanna see the Sherlock trailer.

No trailers! The first episode will be on tomorrow night.


OK, calm down. Remember what happened last time.

OK….(quietly in the background) eeeeeee.

So Puppets this year, what shall we do?

Finished last year’s projects first comes to mind.

OK, after that?

There is no after that. Do you know how many puppets we have parts for but no finished product?

Um, a few?

I am figuring about a years worth of work so let’s do that before going onto other things.

OK….but that’s boring! Let’s come up with 20 new projects to try to do!

NO! Get things done is the theme for 2017. Got it?

You don’t have to be so grouchy about it.

So are we in agreement? Finish previous projects including writing projects, less time wasted on the Internet, continue the Gym thing, Website and business cards.



Well what if….never mind. I’ll bring that up at the next meeting.

We are adjourned.

Are we sure there is no cake?

I am grateful for my brain’s random ways of sorting itself out.
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So if you have been reading me here, bookmark me.
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Right now as I peruse the net I am seeing more and more social media ways of looking back at 2016. Facebook is desperately trying to get me to sum up my year by their nifty algorithm. Other places have people using their media feeds to show what the year did for them and to them.

There are things about 2016 that I do like. There are things I did that will remain as fond memories. Meeting Peter Capaldi was one. Peter celebrating his 60th birthday and what I did to help him celebrate is another along with all the people who helped me create his birthday album. Caroline’s confirmation was a highlight given that she has been working towards this since her first communion. San Diego Comic Con had a lot of highlights including Caroline’s first panel and my first tattoo.

There were a lot of things I didn’t like about 2016. People I know personally passing away. Friends of friends dying. The election and the aftermath. Friends find their personal identity questioned. Fans seriously over stepping both their bounds and their welcome. It is quite a long list of things that happened that didn’t agree with me and some of it is going to continue to do so for the time to come.

2016 is where I think I talked more about mental health than I had before. Due to some other idiocy on the Internet, I decided that staying silent was not something I could do any more. And now with the passing of Carrie Fisher, I know it is something I have to talk about in hopes that what I say will help someone down the road.

On the positives, 2016 saw me stick to my gym schedule better than I had in years. I plan on continuing that in 2017 since the health benefits of exercise are myriad. I have had some physical set backs including the broken shoe which led to the knee problems but I have worked through those.

I got puppets done in record time and still have some puppets on my table half done. I would like to get out of a year with all my projects done. The puppets I did build led to some interesting places and let me meet interesting people a number of which I now can call friend.

I went to a number of conventions. There were those that I go to pretty regularly and those that I attended for the first time or first time in a long time. I met Internet buddies in real life. I met a lot of Peter’s fans. I met some people that I admire very much. I got to hang with old friends and catch up on things that you don’t put on the Internet.

I am ready to put this year in the books and move on to next year.

Today we are going to the airport to pick Caroline up from her adventure in Jacksonville. Tomorrow we get ready for the beginning of a new year.

I am grateful that Peter is home to celebrate the New Year.
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When I first heard about Carrie Fisher’s passing, my thoughts went to her mother Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Billie Lourd. Then yesterday we heard about the passing of Debbie Reynolds and my thoughts went to Billie Lourd who lost her mother and her grandmother in the space of about 48 hours. My sympathies to her and her family and friends at these very trying times in their lives.

Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship. It is hard to describe but there is just something there even if they don’t get along particularly well.

I am very lucky that I have a close relationship with my mother and my daughter. Having a daughter of my own, gave me a better idea what my mother had to deal with raising me. I find myself doing things that I swore as a child I would never do to my daughter only to discover after having one that what my mother did was best for me and what I am doing is best for my daughter.

We do the best we can as mothers and hope that we are doing the right thing.

I know my child. I know what limits she has and what limits I have to set on her to keep her safe. My limits are not other parents’ limits but then again my child’s experience is not their child’s experience.

I try to give her as much freedom as possible but within certain parameters. This way if something does go wrong, I have ways of helping her. It is one of the reasons that she got a cell phone. Well that and the teachers in her school assume that everyone has cell phones and send out text to remind about homework and other projects.

My mother did the same thing for me without the cell phone. I use to walk quite a distance to go to my friend’s house but she trusted me to get there and back within the time frame that she gave me. As I was older, she allowed me to go places with my friends who could drive, but she knew them and their families and trusted them to get me there and safely back. I am not to that point with Caroline but it will be happening soon.

I try to be the best mom I can be for my daughter, as I know my mother tried to be the best for me.

I love you Mom.

I love you Caroline.

I am grateful that I have both my Mom and Caroline in my life.
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First I would like to wish Stan the Man Lee a very happy birthday. Next year will be Stan and Joanie’s 70th wedding anniversary. I hope that I can move as well as he can when I am 94. Seriously the man is amazing and spectacular. I have enjoyed the conversations we have had over the years. I think one of my favorites was the chat we had about bowling.

Yesterday and today are a little difficult for me. Today is the fourth anniversary of Peter’s stroke. And I am more grateful than I can ever express that Peter’s recovery was so through. Last week’s health scare just reminded me about all that happened four years ago.

But I also remember the out pouring of love and support from his friends and fans. I remember people working to make sure we didn’t have to worry about things like our cats, our deductibles, and our lives outside the hospital. After I got home and Peter went into rehab, I knew that I had support that I could call on if I needed it and that was a great relief. People cared about us and we knew it, which made what we had to do easier.

I was reminded of this when we posted about Peter’s recent illness and again lots of love came his direction. Peter is fine and working on regaining his strength and balance. He is getting better each day.

Caroline had an adventure as she is now deemed old enough to no longer be considered an un-accompanied minor by some airlines. I said Good-bye to her at the security gate and made her promise to text me when she got to the gate, on the plane, and at her destination. She is in Jacksonville for the next couple of days to spend time with her sisters who are all there right now along with her nephews. I had no worry about her navigating the airport because it was in a terminal she has spent a lot of time in and she knows the drill about how to find your gate. I think it made her feel grown-up.

The next couple of days are going to be sorting out Peter’s rehab and the like. With some good luck, this will just be a small bump in the road rather than a road block.

I am grateful for all the people who have had our backs.
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A lot has happened in the past couple of days including Peter coming home from the hospital and some holidays.

There was also an episode of Doctor Who, which we quite enjoyed.

Because we were here rather than Atlanta, we had to quickly put together a few things that make it Christmas to me since they have been part of my Christmas for years.

Caroline and I got a small tree to decorate and some lights for it.

The past couple of days were a bit of a flurry trying to sort out Peter’s issues and get him out of the hospital. Then getting the house ready for him to come home since he needs clear flat surfaces to get round. Stepping over things is not happening for a while.

There was the wrapping of presents and figured out when one could without the other party walking in on the wrapping.

Christmas eve I made a new salmon dish for dinner. Real simple and really tasty. I made wild rice and broccoli as well. For dessert we started eating the Christmas cookies my mother sent us.

Christmas eve was also the first night of Hanukkah so we lit the candles and I gave Peter his present which was Batman: A Celebration and he gave Caroline a vey special present. He met Natalia Tena at the convention he went to in Argentina and had her sign Tonk’s wand for Caroline. Tonks and Luna are Caroline’s two favorite characters in the Harry Potter canon. So she was amazed and very happy with her gift.

We decorated our little tree and later than evening I put the presents around the tree.

Christmas morning we gathered around our little tree, which had been dubbed Groot and opened our presents. Caroline had gifts from Peter and me, my parents and friends of hers. She got books on Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, origami, and others. She got some warm clothes that she really likes along with some bath stuff, t-shirts and other stuff. I got the Labyrinth game from my parents and Peter gave me a Doctor Strange statue that lights up.

After that I proceeded to make Eggs Benedict and managed to get everything to come out at the right time. My awe of my mother increase as it is not easy to get everything to time out right. I have seen her do it for many years but to actually do it is another thing entirely.

Caroline and I did our tradition of going to the movies. Peter, wisely, decided to stay home and rest. We saw Fantastic Beasts for the second time as neither Sing or Assassin’s Creed really appealed to us and it is about to go out of the theaters. I saw a lot of things I hadn’t the first time around. Really like that film.

Dinner was a beef roast and baked potatoes which took a little juggling as they had to be cook at different temperatures at different times. I managed to get all that to balance out and we had a very nice dinner. For dessert we had more of amazing Christmas cookies.

We ended the evening watching the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Today is boxing day. We have a few errands we have to run and some things to get in place for Peter and his recovery.

Tomorrow will be a busy day and the rest of the week will be getting ready for 2017.

I am so very grateful that Peter is home.

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If you have been by Peter’s website, you know he is in the hospital and they aren’t quite sure exactly what is going on. Part of the puzzle has been solved but there is another piece that just doesn’t fit.

If you haven’t, the short version is that he is in the hospital due to the inability to walk for reasons that are still be sorted out.

This, of course, put a serious spanner in our usual trip to Atlanta, which we were going to follow up to a trip to Jacksonville so all the sisters could meet up and spend some time together.

Right now I am sorting out the next couple of days, which are partially up in the air since we have no idea when Peter will be coming home.

This is the first Christmas I am here for Christmas. In fact this is the first Christmas that I won't be with my parents ever. An over 50 year run is rather good.

Caroline is holding up but she is sad because she won’t be spending the holidays with her family.

We have agreed we need to get a tree even if it is a small one. I have Christmas decorations that we can put on it. There are presents to put under or round the tree. We will eat steak and real baked potatoes. I will listen to annual airing of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. We will go see a movie on Christmas day.

Bits and pieces to make it Christmas and not just another day here.

I am grateful for everyone’s understanding on this matter.
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Last night, thanks to the good folks at Fourth World Comics, we saw Rogue One in 3-D IMAX(ish). The ‘ish’ is because the screen was a big screen but not really what I would consider an IMAX screen having seen the real deal several times. I will say that it is impressive in 3-D but nothing makes me say that you have to see it in 3-D for the full experience. The space battles were impressive and the over look was great but not quite there for me to want to spend the extra money to see it again in 3-D

I am honestly still thinking about how I feel about this film.

Peter dubbed it Star Wars 3-A and he is not too far off. This does slot in between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope to a rather fine point.

I do give the film credit for getting rid of a couple of serious plot holes in New Hope which was interesting to see how the writers ‘no prized’ their way through it. And I left wanting to see the original Star Wars film (1977) as I saw it back in 1977.

Some of the more impressive tricks that they pull out I can’t talk about without it being spoilers to the film. I will say that the Easter eggs come at you fast and furious and it is nice that they tie into the Disney XD Star Wars Rebels series very nicely.

The acting is first rate across the board. Felicity Jones does very well as Jyn Erso. Alan Tudek as K-2SO steals the show both with the lines he is given and the delivery of them. Caroline calls him Sassy 3PO and I think she is right. Donnie Yen is also a lot of fun. I am sorry that Wen Jiang really got stuck with a one note character because he is a good actor. Diego Luna sort of got stuck with another one-note character that they were desperately trying to make more of him than what the character was but it never quite clicked for me.

And I think that is my problem with the whole film. The script just never quite made to the party. It was a really good Star Wars novel and something I could see Del Rey publishing and being rather proud of it and what it accomplished. As a film script, it seemed like two different ideas of how to execute the main purpose of the piece got dumped into a blender and mixed together. There are several points in the film that I found myself pulled out of the film because I was trying to figure out which plot I was watching. The Forest Whitaker (Saw Gerrera) part was so different from the Mads Mickelson (Galen Erso) sections which were different from the Rebel Alliance portion of the show. It is like they had a laundry list of things that must be done before the end of the film and they patchworked their way to it.

Do I think it is worth seeing? That would be a big Yes. There is a lot in there to be amazed by and the story does fill in a lot of holes in the other films. The scenery is sumptuous. The effects are awesome and what they do with a couple of the characters is beyond amazing. This has a lot for the most rabid Star Wars fan and something for the casual Star Wars fan that will either make them gasp, smile, or both.

I am grateful for the opportunity to see this film.
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I agreed to be part of a holiday card exchange that I have participated in before because they were a few players short and I had a reputation for getting cards out in a timely manner and picking up the slack for others who drop the ball (yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors). So in short order I found myself having to figure out what to do for the exchange.

I thought my way through it and then got a giggle at a thought for the card which I will be posting next week so the cards I have sent have a chance to reach their destination.

There are times I have to remind myself that silly is allowed. That the serious work of art can take on a whimsical form. Something that makes someone else smile is as good as something that makes one think at time especially in times like now.

So I give y’all and myself permission to be silly because I think we can all use a little silly now.

What amuses you? What makes you smile and shake your head a bit because you can’t believe that you are smiling?

I am going to make a couple of puppets that I want to make for no other reason than it makes me smile at the idea of the puppet. And I know that if I walk around with them, others will get that goofy look on their faces and will be amused.

I have decided that this next year is my year to be silly. To try out my weird ideas and see what works and what doesn’t.

I think we need more silly right now.

I am grateful for ideas that make me smile.
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When I was in college I played on the history department softball team because I could hit. My fielding was OK but I was really good at smacking the ball into places that people weren’t so we could get the base runners around. There was one pitcher for the philosophy team that liked to push people back with a rather vicious pitch. It was the only time I got hit in the head with a softball where my ears were ringing after contact. He got called on it by the umps more than once but persisted in using that pitch to keep the batters off balance.

Life can do that to you too. The saying ‘life is what happens when you are making other plans’ is so very true. It throws curve balls at you that make you take a step back or there is contact and you deal with the fallout from that.

Some of the curveballs that life has handed me so far were doozies and I am sure that there are still a number of them out there for me to either duck or deal.

However I have found in my fifty-three years on this planet that things have an odd way of working out for me. At the time it might not seem so, but looking back on what happened it was necessary for that to happen so I am where I am and who I am today.

They say that adversity builds character. A friend once told me after his seventh surgery to correct an issue after a car accident that he could use a little less character in his life. And it is true that which does not break you makes you stronger but like a broken bone, there is still the echoes of the fracture through out one’s life.

I was once asked if I had any serious regrets about my life so far. And I honestly said no. Sure there are the little regrets that occasionally I will revisit in my head but nothing that I really feel was serious. I am happy about my life and where I am in it. I love being a mom. I love all the things I have been able to do because I am a puppeteer and a stage manager and a book editor and a comic book enthusiast and a voracious reader and a published writer and….well you get the idea. I have done a lot in my life and with my life.

Life has thrown some pitches at me both good and bad. I find myself married to a writer, which is not what I expected. I never expected to be a canonical Dr. Who author but I am along with having written for the Ghostbusters comics and creating whole worlds with my husband. I never expected to have to take on the role of caretaker and spokesperson for my husband after his stroke.

I find myself having a large group of people that I call friend who are about as diverse as can be but than I am a rather diverse person. That I am friends with people who I admired when I was younger is mind-blowing to me. And then to find out that there are people who think the same of me is just another level of mind blowing. I’m just me.

I made a decision years ago to just go with what came at me and try to knock it out of the park. I have had my successes and my misses. I have even been nailed by a pitch or two. But I pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back into the batter’s box or take my base.


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